Extras for You

Plug Plants

I love to propagate , so I look forward to offering You Plug-Plants of your favourite Cut Flowers . These are more likely to be those Plants that we grow from seed , but still a good size and ready to plant-out or pot-on , according to the season , with a good root and shoot system already established.

Pot Plants

I also look forward to offering You more advanced Plants in 9 cm or 1 litre Pots. These are more likely to have been grown from cuttings or divisions , and , therefore could be the more perennial Plants , either for Flowers , Foliage or both !


I am also excited to offer You saved seeds from the flowering Plants. I save as many seeds as I possibly can and have done this successfully over a number of years ! I harvest when I consider the seeds to be most viable and only on a dry day , to maintain their viability. Equally , I would offer You seeds saved from the current year’s harvest , or tested for germination if they were harvested in the previous year , just to make sure they are still at their best for You. Orlaya is a great example of one of the gorgeous flowering Plants that germinates more successfully from the current year’s saved seed , and from an Autumn sowing rather than in the following Spring .

Seed-head of Orlaya grandiflora (White Lace Flower) with its extraordinary , prickly seeds ; like little Hedgehogs !

Pick Your Owns and Workshops

As an experienced Plants Lady , and previously a Teacher , I love to share my passion for Plants and Growing . I very much look forward to welcoming You to Haven Flowers , near Shifnal in Shropshire for seasonal Pick Your Own sessions and for various Workshops. I will post more details and dates for these shortly !